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CHRDA & 37 NGOs : Palestine: ­Israeli Apartheid – The Legacy of the Ong­­­­oing Nakba at 75

May 15, 2023 Seventy-five years have passed since the Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed and forcibly expelled from their homes, lands, and property in their ancestral land during the 1948 Nakba (meaning ‘catastrophe’ in Arabic). Palestinian society was decimated during the Nakba, 531 Palestinian villages were destroyed, and more than 70 massacres were carried out […]

JOINT PRESS RELEASE – ICC arrest warrants: An encouraging step for justice in Libya

JOINT PRESS RELEASE – 18/05/2023 Libya Crimes Watch (LCW), Defender Center for Human Rights (CHRDA), and Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) welcome the recent announcement of arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court (ICC or the Court) against suspects allegedly involved in committing international crimes Libya. This development marks a promising first step towards […]

Violating women’s right to freedom of movement is an insult to Libyan women and a contravention of the constitution and law

  Statement on discriminatory measures restricting women’s travel in Libya 13 May 2023: We, the undersigned activists and civil society organizations, express our strong condemnation of the discriminatory measures imposed by the Internal Security Agency of Libya’s National Unity Government on women’s freedom of movement.  These discriminatory measures mean that every Libyan woman traveling alone […]

Joint statement : UN rights body fails to further justice in Libya

13 April 2023 UN rights body fails to further justice in Libya “Civil society organisations dismayed by inadequate Human Rights Council Libya resolution despite worsening situation” On 4 April, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted resolution 52/L.33 on “Technical assistance and capacity-building to improve human rights in Libya” that fails to establish a mechanism to […]

Joint statement : Libyan organizations call on authorities to stop draconian laws and civil society crackdown

On 13 March 2023 the Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation at the Office of the Prime Minister for the Government of National Unity (GNU) in Libya issued circular no. 5803 effectively instructing Libya’s Civil Society Commission to revoke the licenses given to all non-governmental organisations (NGOs) established since 2011. This […]

Human rights organisations warn of the deteriorating situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Libya and the worrying shrinking civic space

We, activists and members of civil society organisations working on ongoing human rights violations against migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in Libya, express our deep concern regarding the general climate of impunity and lack of accountability in the country. This volatile situation is further hampered by the shrinking of civic space, especially in light of […]

Digital violence against women defenders and activists in Libya

Maram Mohammed Legal researcher It took decades of effort by women’s rights defenders (including both men and women) to persuade the international community and its organizations that violence against women constitutes a violation of human rights. This violence insults the inherent human dignity of women and threatens their lives and violates the basic human rights […]

Joint Letter : UN Human Rights Council should ensure meaningful follow-up on the human rights situation in Libya (CHRDA & 8 NGOs )

6 March 2023 UN Human Rights Council should ensure meaningful follow-up on the human rights situation in Libya Your Excellency, In July 2022 the Human Rights Council (HRC) adopted resolution 50/23 extending the mandate of the United Nations (UN) Independent Fact-Finding Mission on Libya (FFM) “for a final, non-extendable period of nine months, to present its concluding […]

Summary of the human rights situation in Libya during the year 2022

Summary of the human rights situation in Libya during the year 2022   Defender Center for Human Rights Paris – February 13, 2023 Introduction Libya remains a safe haven for human rights violators in light of the widespread impunity and lack of accountability, as well as the continuing political division that has become entrenched in […]

An in-depth discussion of the challenges facing the implementation of transitional justice in Libya after 12 years of revolution

  In an electronic seminar organized by CHRDA  On Thursday, February 2, 2023, the Defender Center for Human Rights organized a digital symposium to discuss the research paper “Transitional Justice in Libya – Confused Paths”, which was published by the Center as part of its research activities concerned with studying the challenges facing the protection […]

The rights of children of Libyan women married to foreigners   

National Unity Government Decree No. 209 of 2022 and its impact on the legal status of children of Libyan women married to foreigners      Khadija Elboaishi  Rule of law expert    Resolution No. 209 of 2022 was recently issued by the Presidency of the Government of National Unity regarding granting the sons and daughters of […]

Press release : The Libyan authorities should release the Executive Director and Director of the Registration Department of the Civil Society Commission in Benghazi

  Press release December 26, 2022   The undersigned Libyan human rights organizations express their strong condemnation and concern over the detention by the Internal Security Agency, on December 18, of the Executive Director of the Civil Society Commission in Benghazi, Ibrahim Al-Maqsabi, in addition to the detention of Salem Al-Maadani, Director of the Registration, […]