Defender completed the first training course for the “Express” program


The purpose to spread societal awareness about the importance of freedom of expression in Libya

Defender – March 8, 2020

The Center for Human Rights defender Association has completed the first training course for the “Express” program last week on supporting freedom of expression initiatives in Libya.

The first part of the training program “Express” held in Hammamet, Tunisia, lasted for four days with the aim of supporting Libyan youth’s initiatives to enhance their participation in spreading societal awareness about the importance of freedom of expression, combating hate speech, and supporting them with adequate mechanisms in spreading awareness about freedom of expression to a greater number of citizens. Including women and marginalized groups, through awareness-raising campaigns and public events by the participants.

Thirteen young men and women from different cities in Libya participated in the first training course of the “Expres” program. The first session, which started on February 25, 2020, focused on providing an opportunity for young entrepreneurs who are interested in freedom of expression and increasing their knowledge of the concept of freedom of expression and enhancing it with knowledge tools to implement their individual and collective initiatives in the coming stages of the program.

In addition, the “Express” program aims to raise individual awareness of the importance of personal and digital security, practical training in tools and methods of digital protection in addition to exchanging ideas, opinions and directions with specialized experts and peers from different work areas in Libya, to exchange experiences and ways to meet common challenges.

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