Defender Center denounces the detention of Reda Fhail Al-Boom.

Center for Human Rights Defenders Association denounces the detention of journalist and human rights defender Reda Fhail Al-Boom.

CHRDA is following with great concern the issue of detaining the journalist and human rights defender Mr Reda Fhail Al-Boom. The Deterrence Force (affiliated to the Ministry of Interior) arrested Mr Al-boom on Saturday night, December 14, 2019, upon his arrival at Tripoli (Mitiga) airport). This measure is a continuous cycle of targeting HRDs and journalists in a blatant attack on the principles of human rights and freedom of movement and expression.

According to CHRDA’s sources, the journalist had disappeared in mysterious circumstances before the Libyan public had discovered that he was with the intelligence service in Tripoli.

According to the family of Reda Fhail Al-Boom, he disappeared immediately after his arrival to Libya last Saturday night, and the final call was at 22h45 before the Libyan public discovered on Monday morning, 16 December 2019, that he was with the intelligence services in Tripoli.

The official social media site of the Ministry of the Interior, which is affiliated with the National Accord Government confirmed that “journalist Reda Al-Boom is being held by the Libyan intelligence services, asking the responsible authorities of the Libyan intelligence service to clarify this unacceptable behaviour.”

Reda Fhail Al-Boom is a journalist and HRD. He worked on several press investigations involving Libyan social matters and human rights, and he was heavily involved in combating “hate speech in the media” and defending freedom of press and opinion.


CHRDA demand the release of journalist Reda Fhail Al-Boom unconditionally and ensure the legal guarantees. CHRDA hold the official authorities in Tripoli responsible for any harm that may befall him.


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