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February 2020

Organization background

Center for Human Right Defenders Association (CHRDA) Is an independent non-governmental organisation registered and founded in France in 2016. CHRDA aims at promoting rights of Human rights Defenders and vulnerable population, analysing the difficulties facing the application of International Human Rights Law and disseminating Human Rights Culture in the MENA Region as well as engaging in a dialogue between cultures. A crucial part of CHRDA’ mandate is to help shape the understanding of the most pressing human rights defenders concerns within the region and then to coordinate and mobilise the key players and NGOs from across the Arab world to work together towards solutions. CHRDA is a member of the Platform (Coalition of 13 Libyan organisations).

Furthermore, CHRDA is a Libyan HRD’s network; working on supporting, empowering and protecting Libyan HRDs inside and outside Libya. CHRDA emerged from the need to find a space for Jurists outside their country, especially with the outbreak of armed conflict in several cities in Libya and targeting defenders and activists; attacks and abuses sometimes reached the limit of assassinations.


The Administration and Finance Department provides technical support in the areas of budgetary, strategic planning, legal affairs, human resources (HR), manage the assets of the organization and ensuring organization stability. Develop and monitor the implementation of the annual budget of the Organization. Counting the net cash flow from the funds in the same specified period; recording all financial operations in the organization and providing an effective means or method for controlling the financial operations in the organization. Observe and enforce the regulations of the Organization. Identify and resolve financial and administrative issues. Establish processes for the compliance of the Organization’s regulations. 

Job context 

Senior Administrative will be responsible for the performance of a variety of duties categorized by either financial (60% of work) or administrative support (40%) in an effective and efficient manner. To be responsible for the leading, planning, and supporting for CHRDA financial operations including organization annual budget, monthly monitoring of budget and cash flow, preparing financial reports, verifying and reconciling transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll, purchase orders, invoices, and bank statements. Administrative responsibilities include file management, maintaining administrative systems and human resource duties.

Hierarchical Link

Under the direct supervision of Executive Director


Provides reports to Executive Director



Financial Functions 60%: 

  • Support in preparing and monitoring the implementation of the financial plan.
  • Ensure the financial control of the CHRDA offices activities through ensuring implementation of strong finance policies, systems, processes, and review of monthly balance sheet reconciliations.
  • Ensure value for money is achieved by producing financial analysis to support the organization in determining resource allocation decisions including through adequate procurement practices;  
  • Ensure the cash flow of the office is managed to ensure enough liquid reserves and minimal exchange rate risk.
  • Provide monthly summary of all financial transactions that took place during the month.
  • Review the monthly payments and 
  • Produces monthly financial reports for executive director and update it in the CHRDA documentation system.
  • Prepares accurate and quality donor reports in accordance with the specified format within the agreement timeframe alongside with Projects Manager, senior reporting and projects coordinators.  This includes undertaking contract reconciliation and closing contracts.
  • Assists in conducting partners’ appraisal and review of finance report from partners to ensure they that are compliant with CHRDA and donor’s standards and guidelines.
  • Recommends the accuracy of financial information as well as for communicating and/or clarifying financial issues with partners, as needed;
  • Prepares monthly grant monitoring reports and keeping tidy filing system.
  • Assists the Projects Manager and senior reporting in preparing budget proposals and budget phasing for future projects.
  • Supervise and manage payroll processing, to ensure timely and accurate payments to staff and tax filing activities.
  • Managing payment for experts and suppliers and verifying the eligibility of project costs according to the contract type of each case.
  • Document all the financial operations include exchange/purchase orders, invoices, and adjustments in the ledger. 
  • Communicate and interacts with external auditors and prepare regular audits as needed.
  • prepare all the data and information required to prepare the organization’s fiscal year report. 
  • Check, validate all financial transactions/ operation such as purchase orders, invoices, and adjustments in the ledger to ensure that they are properly coded, and ready for auditing, properly supported and within the budgets limit to minimize the number of correction miscoding.
  • Undertake and monitor all payments, including partner organizations, and ensure smooth, timely issuing for payments and all financial transactions of the projects, are in line and comply with CHRDA policies.

Administrative Functions 40%:

  • Establishing, maintaining, and modifying the internal procedures and policies followed within the organization, managing the organization’s office and related organizational and administrative affairs.
  • Support in preparing and monitoring the implementation of the administrative plans.
  • Assist the Executive Director to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations that pertain to the running of CHRDA, including legal registration and administration, employment and immigration law and including the filing of submissions to the relevant authorities.
  • Preparing the administrative reports.
  • Senior Administrative is currently taking over the tasks of human resources and employment, responsibilities include:
  • Assist Programs manager in conducting interviews, keeping the files of the employees, keeping orders of appointment and resignation.
  • Setting recruitment plans, attracting expertise, planning the needs of departments, etc.
  • Assist Programs manager in organizing and following up all procedures related to employees, such as missions, relocation, annual increases in salaries, financial bonuses, promotions within the organization, dismissals, and incentives, and documenting the human resource filling system.
  • Maintaining professional relations between the employees and the administration and the employees themselves. 
  •  Manage the staff assigned or direct reports, ensuring compliance with all areas of Staff Terms and Conditions of Employment and related policies and procedures, including those relating to cultural diversity; equal opportunities; recruitment; health and safety; training; supervision and performance assessment.  

Note: This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of duties. Flexibility is required and the post holder is expected to carry out any other related duties that are within the employee’s skills and abilities whenever reasonably instructed. 


A successful applicant will ideally be able to demonstrate:

  • Qualified accountant – essential; with more than five years of progressively experience.
  • A university degree in a relevant field of study related to accountant, finance and management.
  • Experience in setting up and managing organizational systems and processes in finance, administration, legal and HR. Start-up experience preferred;  
  • Experience of preparing and monitoring budgets and an ability to identify budget problems and solve them;  
  • Experience of the day- to-day management of an office, including excellent multi-tasking and time management skills;  
  • Excellent communication skills, including experience in drafting and correspondence.
  •  Experience of dealing with suppliers and external contacts, including the ability to pre-empt and troubleshoot issues, negotiate contracts and provide advice based upon some understanding of local contract law.  
  • Other relevant management qualifications – advantageous.
  • Strong commitment to the principles and practice of human rights.
  • Have exceptional verbal, written, and presentation skills.
  • Be able to work on tight deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work independently and in a self-reliant manner, and to work within a multicultural team.
  • competent in using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and Power Point.


We are looking for candidates that are passionate about human rights, who are determined to make an impact on people’s lives around the world. Joining CHRDA means being a part of a dedicated and diverse team committed to the protection and preservation of international human rights.


1-year contract subjected to a 3-month probation period. Renewal subject to funding.

How to Apply

If this sounds like the position you have been looking for, please submit a motivation letter (not more than one page) that addresses the specific skills and experience that CHRDA requires for Senior Administrative TOR  and CV; to with “Senior Administrative TOR” in the subject of your email

  • Note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis so apply as soon as you received the job announcement.
  • The job announcement will be closed on 31 Jan 2020 applications after this date will not be reviewed.

We look forward to learning more about you.


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