The Defender Center Statement on the attacks of the Libyan High National Electoral Commission


The Defender Center Statement on the attacks of the Libyan High National Electoral Commission “HNEC” in Tripoli.

We extend our condolences to the families of the victims who were killed in this treacherous act and wish speedy recovery to the wounded.
We, The Defender Center for Human Rights (CHRDA) express our condemnation of the terrorist bombing that took place last Wednesday, 2 May 2018 on the High National Electoral Commission – “HNEC” – at its headquarters in Gout El-Shaal, Tripoli. Four gunmen were reported to have carried out a suicide attack on “HNEC” headquarters. Fourteen people were killed and six injured, including HNEC staff, guards and civilians. ISIS claimed responsibility for the incident.
We, The Defender Center for Human Rights (CHRDA), also hold the successive transitional governments responsible for what happened as a result of the continued deterioration of the security situation in the country, the poor handling of the collection of weapons and of the dismantling of armed groups, the failure of the government to implement the provisions of the political arrangements, and its inability to impose accountability and responsibility to criminals, and, as a consequence, the promotion of impunity.
Furthermore, we stress that such despicable acts of terrorism will not eliminate the work of the “HNEC” and will not deter the Libyans from going forward in their work towards democratization, the building of a state of law and its institutions, and in their pursuit of a civil state. This terrorist attack comes to weaken and undermine the efforts of the “HNEC” to handle and manage the electoral process, implement the democratic rights to vote and to referendum, and ensure the peaceful transfer of power.
In this context, we hope that the official authorities will honor the victims and commemorate them; as they paid with their lives for the success of the peaceful and democratic transition. We, the CHRDA also demand that all official security and judicial authorities hold the perpetrators accountable, prosecute them, bring them to justice and open a thorough investigation in order to uncover the truth and dismantle these terrorist cells.
We, the Defender Center for Human Rights (CHRDA) call the Libyan people to intensify their efforts to support the electoral process based on the consensus reached by all political parties to find the means to determine democratically the transitional ruling government instead of using the language of arms and battles; and to do so until the Libyans attain the modern civil state with its three powers and its institutions capable of uniting the country.
Defender Center for Human Rights (CHRDA)

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