Urgent Appeal: Libya Platform calls on UNSC member states to throw full support behind ICC investigations into grave and systematic violations

The Libya Platform (LP), composed of 16 CSOs, has issued an urgent appeal to member states of the UN Security Council, urging them to take a swift, decisive stand on the mounting grave and systematic violations of international humanitarian…

The Libya Platform demands an immediate investigation by the ICC

The so-called General Command of the Libyan Army has taken no action against extrajudicial killings committed by Captain Mahmoud Warfali during operations resulting in the executions of 33 people between June 3, 2016 and July 17, 2017. Although General Command of the Libyan Army in the East announced it had begun investigating Warfarli on August 2, 2017,[5] he was able to issue an official decree on August 14,[6] 2017

“The Platform” in meetings with UN Libya Envoy and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights:

Given the absence of an effective national justice system in Libya, international accountability mechanisms are imperative in address rampant impunity in a country where respect for human rights is decimated by escalating attacks on local civil society organizations, human rights defenders, members of the judiciary, media workers, civilians, and migrants. The Platform emphasized that Libyan authorities must formulate a clear strategy to restructure the security establishment and the judicial system, as well as supporting the education and health sectors for vulnerable populations. The freedom of expression and association and the return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) must be prioritized in this strategy.

Libya: Towards Resolving The Humanitarian Crisis And Promotion Of Human Rights

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Libya: Towards Resolving The Humanitarian Crisis And Promotion Of Human Rights. A New Coalition Of Libyan Civil Society Organizations Form The ‘The Platform’. In September 2016, 16 Libyan Civil Society Organizations along the Cairo…